This year it’s a special honor for me to be a ambassador for the Middle German Kids Cancer Research Foundation! Since I was affected by myself when I was a child it’s a absolute heart project for me!!

Today at the University Hospital Leipzig I was the responsible to hand over a check of 25.000€ from the foundation to the research institute of the kids cancer department. Thanks to all donors and supporters who were invest in the future of the children!! Keep it up!!

All info‘s about the foundation you‘ll find here:

From Florida I went after a short sickness directly to my beloved island Lanzarote!! But just for a couple of long rides because some new and exciting tasks are waiting for me during the next weeks!!

Also this year I have been part of the team of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Great people with inspiring stories who came together from all over the USA to train under the direction of my coach Dr. Ralf Lindschulten!! See you all hopefully next year!!

What an intoxicating ball night at the 13th SemperOpernball in Dresden!! As a born athlete of the city I’m proud that the acting mayor Dirk Hilbert did present the St. Georgs Orden to me.

I’m extraordinarily thankful for the emotional laudatory speech of javelin World Champion Johannes Vetter and the honor to achieve such a fantastic award in front of thousends of people!!

Picture: SemperOpernball/Toni Kretschmer

The year couldn’t start better than under the sun of Florida!! After the first altitude training camp in Hannover I will continue with training overseas.. At the moment I do enjoy every sunbeam I can catch!!

Beautiful week for all of you!!

Also I´m gonna wish you a great start into the new year!!
I´m not a big fan of good resolutions to new year because I think we should always have them for our lifes!! 🙂 After all we just live once and so should get the best out of it!!

I think that’s a very properly translated songtext from a German artist:

“Does really everything has to get better to be good enough? Further, faster, higher, to be finally enough? How should you get better if it is so hard to be yourself? Just when you laugh, when you laugh, you realize: It can’t be better.”


Picture: Oliver Kremer